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League of Legends

Final Patch of the Season will have 2 sides! Patch 7.24 and Patch 7.24B



While still in preseason, League will get its last and final patch, 7.24 by December 6, but there is a twist; patch 7.24 is coming with 2 sides!

Yes, you heard that right. Riot will push patch 7.24 and then will push up another patch called patch 7.24B that will mostly have to do with Rune balance and more. This is done in order to maintain a “balance” before the new season 8 kicks out in January!

This is the full statement by Riot Maple Nectar:

7.24B – Shipping December 14th 
The holiday patch if you will – With how disruptive introducing a whole new system like Runes can be, we weren’t super comfortable with the gap between 7.24 and 8.1 (December 5th – January 10th), so have added a new patch that’ll ship on a bit of a weird timeline compared to usual patches. We’re still going to do patch notes (albeit with less context than usual), and it’ll look like a normal patch to you folks. You can expect these changes to be less complex in nature – no mechanics changes and easy to understand. Thinking tuning numbers to base stats, abilities, and items. Right now we’re actually looking at a fairly sized chunk of champions/items, but we’ll see what we end up shipping. The primary focus is on top lane/fighters, but expect changes to impact every role to varying extents. THIS PATCH IS ONLY FOR BALANCE – NO SKINS/FEATURES/MAP MODES!”

So, as you can understand, patch 7.24B will only feature balance changes. There will be no skins, features or map modes coming with patch 7.24B, while patch 7.24 will kick out as a normal patch, with skins and more.

We will update you on every planned change, so stay tuned for more. Don’t hesitate to send us your questions in the comments section if you are unclear about any change.

Gevio Tabaku, is a 17-year-old from Albania, with the passion for gaming and journalism. He writes to his website “THE GAME FEED” and provides the mass gaming audience of new and upcoming features, to games such as League of Legends, Paladins, Smite, etc.

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