Zoe, The Aspect of Twilight is League of Legends Newest Mage Champion who can use Flash up to 5 Times!


The new League of Legends mage champion is finally here! We present you with Zoe, a “modern” girl who can spawn portals and can use flash up to 5 times!

The first teaser about Zoe was her, what seems to be Ultimate, that can put other champions to sleep after a short delay. Shipping alongside Zoe is the new game-effect that puts you to sleep, like the brittle effect that is used by Ornn.

This was the first teaser we got regarding Zoe:

This was the so-called sleep effect that only Zoe can use.

This is Zoe’s teaser that was released by Riot just today:

We don’t have much information yet but expect more to be released regarding Zoe in the upcoming days, as she gets her release on the PBE server.

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