When will Zoe be released? Zoe Release Date – LOL New Champion Zoe


With Zoe’s champion teaser (see here), she will be released on the Rift really soon. Zoe is a special League of Legends champion because not only will she ship with a new effect that is exclusive to her, but she will also be able to cast portals around the maps and use them.

Zoe will be League of Legend’s 139th champion, further reducing Zed’s cost to 4800 IP from 6300. Zoe will cost 7800 IP through her first week of sale but will be further reduced to 6300 the following week.

As regarding her release date, we are currently at League of Legends patch 7.21, patch 7.22 will come to us by November 8. After patch 7.22 hits the live servers, we will get Zoe for testing on the PBE and then after 2 weeks, we will get her into the live servers at patch 7.23, which will presumably come by November 22.

Stay tuned for more information regarding Zoe and her release date. We will inform you as soon as we get more information about her status.

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