Reddit Post Leaks The New Champion’s Name and Abilities – She is Called Aldora


Leaks have been hitting Reddit all the time, and while some of them are true, the majority of them seem to be false. Everything started with a Reddit post that leaked some new skins and champions (Xayah & Rakan), it happened that these leaks were 100% true, and that is what is keeping us in believing that someone might post some correct leaks too.

This time though, things are different. It seems like we will be getting skins on champions such as Illaoi, Vayne, Xayah, Rakan, Aurelion Sol etc. All of the skins can be found in the Reddit leak.

Check the now deleted post below:

So according to it, we are going to get this new skins:

  • Dunkmaster Illaoi
  • Steel Legion Vayne
  • Steel Legion Vi
  • Steel Legion Braum
  • Heartseeker Xayah
  • Sweetheart Rakan
  • Festive Ivern
  • Reindeer Hecarim
  • “Grinch” Trundle
  • Lunar Revel Taliyah
  • Lunar Revel Aurelion Sol
  • Lunar Revel Nasus

It seems that these skins might be true, because of the festive atmosphere they present, such as “Festive Ivern”. Knowing that Ivern is a tree it would be a good idea to make a skin out of him, to represent the Christmass tree. Grinch Trundle also seems like a good idea!

The only problem is that we already got some teaser about the next Illaoi skin, which we get to vote and choose for, and any of the skin isn’t called Dunkmaster Illaoi.

The next new champion though remains a mystery. From what the leak is describing, the next new champion information looks authentic and could be true, but we can’t know for sure yet.

We will update you with every new information we get from these teasers, so stay tuned to learn more!

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