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When Will Season 7 End? League of Legends Season 7 End Date



Like every other League of Legends’ season, season 7 is coming to an end too, and its end is coming really soon, one month from now to be exact.

This season was really great in terms of productivity in my opinion. We got a lot of interesting and cool skins, we got a lot of new champions, we got a lot of balance changes and OP items, such as Janna with Ardent Censer, which everyone hated facing against.

Season 7 isn’t still over though. We still have one month to evaluate ourselves and get higher and higher. If you are Bronze, then it’s time to fight with honor to grab that Silver rank, or even better; Gold. If you try and play with your friends, anything is possible!

Now let’s get to our main question and the main reason you are here… You want to learn about the end date of Ranked Season’s 7.

According to Riot, Season 7 will end by November 7, while the new Ranked Season 8 will start by January 18, we still have a lot of time!

So prepare yourself and be ready to battle to achieve that Gold rank!

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