MSF IgNar – ‘Faker is the most unbelievable player that I’ve faced, it’s hard to play against someone who rarely makes mistakes.’


After his debut in the Worlds championship, MSF IgNar talks about how things went in the tournament and gives his opinion about his and his team mates performance. MSF were considered to be one of the best teams of Europe, after their victory versus TSM. The ones that stopped them though were the Koreans, and SKT got a “predictable” victory over them.

Which player and which team would you consider to be the best in the championship? Why?

  • Faker is the most unbelievable player that I’ve faced, it’s hard to play against someone who rarely makes mistakes. I also think RNG are a great team because of their aggressive playstyle.

Which team do you think has the highest probability of winning the championship? Why?

  • I thought it’d be RNG after our game vs SKT, but now I think it’s wide open. Hard to say SKT aren’t going to win after previous years.

You were considered to be the MVP of the match against SKT, do you think you performed well?

  • I’m humbled, it’s great to hear that people think I had a great game despite our loss.

Are you happy with your team’s results in this year’s Worlds championship?

  • Yes and no, we hit our targets throughout the year and did really well at worlds but based on our performance in this tournament, we know we could have gone further.

The match versus SKT was really close in your favor, why do you think you lost against them?

  • We made many small mistakes due to a lack of experience. If we were more experienced we could have done better in my opinion.

If you could change a critical moment from the games with SKT, which moment would you change and why?

  • When I dived mid with Alistar, maybe I could have played it better.

What are your plans and hopes for the future?

  • I don’t really have a specific plan but now that I’m home I’m thinking of one.

Which team mate of yours would you consider to be the MVP?

  • I think Tristan (PowerofEvil) had a great tournament but I think the same for everyone else too. Everyone grew a lot as a player from this tournament.
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