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Hello everyone,

It has been a long time since the last time I wrote about how things were going and how was everything going with PA. So here I am to tell you about the changes we have made, and changes that I am really proud of.

So firstly, as you can probably see; is gone! We have changed our websites’ name to TheGameFeed.Net, and it looks awesome in my opinion! There were a few reasons to why we chose to change our domain name, and our site’s purpose altogether. These reasons are fairly simple.

  • We had a .xyz domain name. A TLD that many people are frightened to click on because they think that it necessarily has to do with hacking and spam. While we were right on our way, and our website was completely 100% clean, some people would call us fake just because of our TLD.
  • There was no “high” security on our old site. Do you see that green lock in your address bar? That green lock that reads “Secure” means that any data you enter on our site will be secured with an high-end encryption. Even though you won’t be entering any information here, a secure protocol is a good thing for a website to have.
  • Our main domain was banned in Reddit, because of disallowance of .XYZ domain names and that meant fewer visitors for us. We could have a great article written but we couldn’t show it off because people thought that it was a virus or a spam website.

And many other reasons I couldn’t think of for the moment.

Right now, our focus is to provide you with the best League of Legends news (and not only) and to do our job in real-time and effectively. You may see ADS all over the place but trust us when we tell you that we need a lot of revenue to keep this site online, and I’m sure you wouldn’t believe us if you didn’t see all of the bills we have to pay for yourself.

Thanks for reading this blog post! I hope you like our new website and design!

Gevio Tabaku, is a 17-year-old from Albania, with the passion for gaming and journalism. He writes to his website “THE GAME FEED” and provides the mass gaming audience of new and upcoming features, to games such as League of Legends, Paladins, Smite, etc.

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