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3 Fan Theories About ‘Stranger Things’ That Change The Show Completely



Stranger Things is one of Netflix most liked and anticipated series ever, it has an 8.9 rating on IMDB and everyone is thrilled for the upcoming season 2, which will come really soon (October 27, 2017).

The second season will continue and will answer many of our questions, but let us firstly check and analyze some Fan-Theories posted on Reddit. These theories will give us information about the way the events occurred and maybe will bring some questions to light for us!

Theory 1:

Eleven has the power to teleport and that’s how she escaped the upside down and opened the portal. That’s why she and the stranger disappeared. 

“Not sure if this has been discussed already but I believe an answer to some of the questions about 11 and the Stranger can be answered by this theory.

Heres what I think happened;

  1. When El touched the Stranger and it turned around and scared her, she panicked and in her panic she tried to escape and ended up teleporting away from the monster, this teleportation pulled her and the stranger out of the upside down and is what caused the rift to open in the government facility she was being kept in.
  2. Its also how she escaped the facility, by teleporting just outside the building then crawled through the pipe. I don’t think she escaped by fighting her way out as some have suggested, remember in the final episode when they came for the kids 11 was able to kill the first wave of agents but was so tired after that that when Dr. Brenner and the rest showed up they were defenseless and were only saved by the stranger attacking the agents. So in my mind she couldn’t have escaped by fighting her way out since she wasn’t strong enough at that time and would have been caught again.
  3. This explains why she was so hungry when she got to Benny’s place (which they seemed to put a lot of emphasis on), she used a lot of power to teleport and therefore needed a ton of food to recharge.
  4. At the end when she seemly destroys the stranger I think what she really does is teleport herself and the stranger far away from her new friends. She tells Mike goodbye for 2 reasons, one, because she is about to teleport away and doesn’t, have time to explain this to Mike and also because she believes she will use so much of her power that she might die.
  5. I think Dr. Brenner knows about this ability and told Hopper before Dr. Brenner was killed (during their first meeting when Hop told them where 11 was), which is why he put the food in the box because there’s a chance she didn’t die after teleporting and they might be able to lure her back.”

Posted on Reddit by b-dizl.

Theory 2:

The Demogorgon is, in fact, a manifestation of Eleven that came because of the psychological trauma she endured and because of her troubled psyche. 

“It’s easy and natural to assume that the Demogorgon is just a wild animal from the Upside Down with zero connection to our world, but I don’t think it’s that simple. I’ve become convinced that the monster isn’t random at all, but is directly linked to Eleven. In fact, I’ll take it a step further — I think the monster is actually an extension of Eleven herself, and a physical manifestation of her troubled psyche.

Here’s some supporting evidence:

  • How was Eleven able to recognize Will’s face in the pictures at Mike’s house? They had never interacted with each other before that.
  • The Demogorgon is drawn to blood, and Eleven’s nose bleeds multiple times after using her powers, yet the Demogorgon never comes after Eleven (until the end of the last episode, perhaps because she wanted it to find them).
  • When Eleven is facing off against the monster in the classroom, she extends her right hand to channel her powers, and then the monster promptly does the same. (Screenshot)
  • In various interviews, the Duffer Brothers have mentioned the Silent Hill video game series as a primary influence for the look and feel of the Upside Down. A major theme of those games is that the monsters and terrors you see in Silent Hill are a gruesome product of your own psychosis. The Duffer Brothers claimed they have “a 30-page document that [explains] where this monster actually came from, and why aren’t there more monsters.” It could be that there’s only one monster right now because there’s only one Eleven, and the monster is a product of her mind.
  • Both times that Eleven had to focus really hard to find Will, the monster ended up finding Will immediately after — First with the school’s ham radio, which is when Will appears to Joyce on the wall of their house, and then with the makeshift sensory deprivation tank in the gym, shortly after which the monster breaks through “Castle Byers”.
  • After saving Mike from the jump off the cliff, Eleven tearfully tells Mike, “I’m sorry. The gate… I opened it. I’m the monster.” Most viewers probably chalked that up to Eleven being overly (and metaphorically) self-critical, but what if she was being literal? What if she knew that the monster was a product of her mind, and was admitting that she had accidentally let it out and into the physical world?
  • The scene where Eleven walks into the store, takes a bunch of Eggos, and then walks out might seem like it’s just for comic relief, but what if it’s more than that? What if it’s meant to reflect the way the monster eats? This scene closely mirrors how the Demogorgon took the wounded deer i.e. it entered the “human world” (the forest/store), grabbed what it wanted (the deer / Eggos), and then took it back to a safe place to eat (the Upside Down / the forest). The monster left a temporary hole/gate in the tree, while Eleven caused the glass of the grocery store’s sliding doors to shatter on her way out. We later see her in the woods, sitting and eating her Eggos amongst the trees. (Screenshot)”

Posted on Reddit by peters45.

Theory 3:

The gate that transports you to the Upside Down is in fact alive and a living entity itself.

“So I’ve read a number of the theories and analysis of the ending. From the reproduction via Will idea, to the monster-is-El and various others about it coming back. But, I feel these all have one key issue – that they focus entirely on “the monster”, in a unsatisfying derivative way that Stranger Things isn’t about.

I think we’ve all missed something. Something we were shown from the start and took for granted without analysis – the gate is alive.

From the first time people go in, we can see it clearly moves, re-connecting itself after the hole is brushed open. More like a mouth than a gate. Most importantly, as the series goes on – it grows, eventually taking up the vast majority of the room it’s in (seen when Joyce goes in for Will).

So why is this important?

Because in this situation, the Demigorgan is just one small aspect of the Upside Down. It’s not the “big bad” that we need to worry about, it’s just one aspect of this living, eating and terrifying world that has now connected to “reality”.

Looking at how it behaves, it drags people into the world where they are slowly consumed – noticably not by the demigorgan itself (the way the dear is). It’s just an agent/part of the world, that brings in more food for the Upside Down as an entity.

So in terms of the ending, it really adds an additional area. Did anything actually get defeated at all? Sure we know the demigorgan is gone (or that one is) – but the Upside Down is still there and thriving. Will is being drawn into it clearly, and if this isn’t just a dimension – could it be that it infects people, to draw them in, potentially giving them some ability to use powers? I think it opens up a lot of possibilities.”

Posted on Reddit by wartonlee.

So that’s all guys. What do you think about these theories? Do you think any of these might end up true? Tell us your opinions in the comments section!

Gevio Tabaku, is a 17-year-old from Albania, with the passion for gaming and journalism. He writes to his website “THE GAME FEED” and provides the mass gaming audience of new and upcoming features, to games such as League of Legends, Paladins, Smite, etc.

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