Yasuo is Getting Changed Soon while Vayne will be Nerfed on Patch 7.19

Yasuo has been changed a lot in the PBE recently, testing his kit in various changes has allowed Riot to get a conclusion as to what Yasuo should become in the future, and the changes he needs to undergo.

Riot Meddler, as always, announced on League of Legends’ boards about the changes that Yasuo, Vayne, Azir and Udyr would undergo in the future, where Vayne would “change” to a potential “nerf” while Yasuo’s changes are still in “planning” mode. Regarding Azir and Udyr, Azir will get a small rework, that will presumably come by patch 7.19, while Udyr’s changes are still in development.

This is the full post regarding these champions from Meddler:

“Vayne – Changes likely coming in 7.19. Removing Q’s ability to crit and putting power elsewhere’s still the plan.
Azir – Small update could be as soon as 7.19. Still going well, got some focused testing this week and weekend though which might reveal something new.
Udyr – Hoping to have something ready for him before pre-season (7.22) still, need to see how work on him goes though.
Yasuo – We’ve got some good lessons from the Yasuo changes we’ve been trying, won’t be shipping anything for a while, however. Extra range on his ult showed some good promise in particular since it allowed him to better capitalize on his allies’ play without giving him more personal power. Will likely revisit that next time we look at Yasuo. Shifting power from his shield to other defensive effects (e.g. base stats) also showed both some promise and some risks.”

Stay tuned for more information. We will inform you about everything new.