New Reddit Post Leaks new Champion, New Skins and a New Game Mode Called Snowday Castle!

Reddit leaks have been coming constantly this year, teasing different champions and skins as well as reworks and other information. This teaser is one of them, teasing a new champion who is defined to be “Schizophrenic” with a split personality. New skins for Aurelion Sol, Kalista, Quinn, Diana, Twitch, Poppy, Illaoi, Viktor, Rumble, Evelynn, Yorick and Taliyah, and a new game mode called “Snowday Castle”.

If this leak is true, we will be getting these skins for these champions:

  • Haunting Sol – For Aurelion Sol
  • Headless Skin – For Kalista
  • PROJECT Skin – For Quinn, marked as a legendary one.
  • PROJECT Skin – For Diana
  • Championship Skin – For Twitch
  • Popstar Skin – For Poppy, marked as a legendary one.
  • Snowday Skin – For Illaoi
  • Snowday Skin – For Viktor
  • Snowday Skin – For Rumble
  • Dragonmistress Skin – For Evelynn
  • Dragonsorcerer Skin – For Yorick
  • Believer Skin – For Taliyah

Regarding the new potential game mode, it is called Snowday Castle. It is a PVP game mode where both teams have to build a tower with walls. The goal of this game mode is to destroy the enemy’s castle before it achieves its “king” state. If this game mode is true, we should get more details soon.

And coming to the new champion, it’s said that he will be some sort of a Tekken character, with a split and schizophrenic personality. All his spells can be used as combos, except his Ultimate. If his ultimate is activated, he can’t use other spells and loses his mind to another person.

We do not know if this leak is true yet, but the other previous ones have somehow been correct, leaking all the upcoming skins and champions. We will keep you posted with information as soon as we find out more, so don’t forget to bookmark this page for future reference!